Heart on My Sleeve

Heart On My Sleeve When Emily from Tin Can Knits told me about this project last year I was blown away. A collection of sweaters by some of the most respected and inspiring designers out there to raise money for charity, what a fantastic way to spread love and give back! When you buy the ebook, $16.80 of the $18 USD purchase price goes to the Against Malaria Foundation (the other $1.20 is made up of Paypal and Ravelry fees). Each sweater is worked in DK from the bottom up, with a yoke construction and the [...]

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Introducing our British yarn for Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society 2017

Copyright: Riggmoor Reineer | Used with permission   Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society 2017 | The British Contingent This post was written by Jess James of Ginger Twist Studio This past year I've had my eyes peeled for a special U.K. contingent yarn that would suit the upcoming instalment of Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society 2017 to be released especially for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March. Opportunity struck when Sariann of The Chopped Ginger Wool Project was living in Scotland and developing her woolly brand. The Chopped Ginger Wool Project aimed (and succeeded in) establishing relationships with small farms [...]

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Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society 2017

Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep meets Neighbo(u)rhood Alpaca When Jess and I embarked on our Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society adventure almost three years ago our big dream was to have some yarn spun specifically for this project. Back then we could never have imagined that we would be putting together a package with two custom spun yarns from opposite sides of the world! As we know life ebbs and flows, back in early 2014 when we started chatting about sourcing small batch yarns, adding our own creative flair and sharing these designs with the world, I was living in Edinburgh. [...]

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The Circle Club 2017

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is treating you kindly so far. My knitting year is off to a magical start and the year promises to be an interesting adventure with lots of opportunities to connect with knitters around the world. Today I wanted to tell you about my latest collaboration. If you are a sock knitting fan you may have seen my work with Joy from The Knitting Goddess last year. Over the course of 2016 we released a series of sock patterns called Blue Skies, as part of her annual yarn club. I was bowled over when [...]

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Times flies | Socktober

Time certainly does fly - this year has whizzed past me at an incredible rate of knots. How have you been? Hopefully the last few months have been good to you. Things here are settling down slowly. I was reminded earlier this week that it has been almost three years since I embarked on my journey of sock heel exploration that turned into the Sock Anatomy. To celebrate Socktober I thought it would be good fun to look back at the lovely socks from this collection. Nine simple socks to knit, each focussing on a different heel, in nine sizes. [...]

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Friendship Across the Oceans | Podcast

Friendship Across the Oceans Sally-Jane asked me to make a short movie for her podcast about my two pieces in the collection. I thought you might enjoy watching it so have popped it in below for you. Pink Hair Girl Podcast Sally-Jane and her lovely daugther Rachel have a brilliant weekly podcast about all things knitting, crafting and South Africa. If you enjoy watching podcasts I highly recommend this one. In this episode Sally-Jane talks about her two designs in our latest collection. [...]

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Interview | Phileas Yarns

Hi, Today I have another special interview to celebrate The Travel Trio - this one is with Sylvie, the colour mastermind behind Phileas Yarns. Her bold colours are inspired by her many travels and adventures around the world. If you are in the UK and are planning to visit Yarndale in September be sure to pop along and say hi to Sylvie who will be there with all her glorious yarn, including a few special treats prepared just for the festival. Interview | Phileas Yarns Oolong knitted by Sylvie of Phileas Yarns | Copyright Sylvie [...]

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Friendship Across the Oceans

Hello and happy Friday! I have something new and exciting to share with you today. I have been working away on this for many months now and I am so happy to be able to show you these designs today. When we starting putting the plans in place for our big move last year I knew I would have some time in South Africa and was determined to get to see my wonderful friend Sally-Jane Cameron who lives on the west coast near Cape Town. We chatted about my visit and decided it would be good fun to celebrate our [...]

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Hello there, Its August - somehow I blinked and its August! I think the theme for 2016 around here is going to be a general sense of shock at how fast time seems to be flying by. Last weekend I had my first trunk show in Australia - it was awesome and I was so grateful for the opportunity. Such fun meeting so many knitters - although I must admit I am looking forward to a quite weekend over the next few days. I might even tackle some of that sewing I have been meaning to do. I wanted to [...]

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Interview | The Travelknitter

Hello there How have you been. As I am sure you can tell by the irregular posting on this blog I am still working hard at finding my feet in our new home. We are in the middle of winter and boy is it cold! Great hand knit sock weather though - you've always got to look for the silver lining. Today I have a very special interview with Larissa from Travelknitter - originally from Mebourne she now lives in London and loves travelling as well as knitting (it's all in the name I suppose) ... I used one of [...]

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