Friendship Across the Oceans

Hello and happy Friday! I have something new and exciting to share with you today. I have been working away on this for many months now and I am so happy to be able to show you these designs today. When we starting putting the plans in place for our big move last year I knew I would have some time in South Africa and was determined to get to see my wonderful friend Sally-Jane Cameron who lives on the west coast near Cape Town. We chatted about my visit and decided it would be good fun to celebrate our [...]

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Hello there, Its August - somehow I blinked and its August! I think the theme for 2016 around here is going to be a general sense of shock at how fast time seems to be flying by. Last weekend I had my first trunk show in Australia - it was awesome and I was so grateful for the opportunity. Such fun meeting so many knitters - although I must admit I am looking forward to a quite weekend over the next few days. I might even tackle some of that sewing I have been meaning to do. I wanted to [...]

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Interview | The Travelknitter

Hello there How have you been. As I am sure you can tell by the irregular posting on this blog I am still working hard at finding my feet in our new home. We are in the middle of winter and boy is it cold! Great hand knit sock weather though - you've always got to look for the silver lining. Today I have a very special interview with Larissa from Travelknitter - originally from Mebourne she now lives in London and loves travelling as well as knitting (it's all in the name I suppose) ... I used one of [...]

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Caught My Eye | Gee’s Bend

This weeks Caught My Eye has a special significance as it combines my love of knitting with my newly found interest in quilt making. Some of you may recall that I started this year off learning to sew, I made some garments (most of which I am wearing fairly regularly) but something didn't quite stick. I think I need bigger sections of time that I have at the moment to get to grips with sizing and finishing. I have lots of things I want to sew and (ahem) have acquired some fabric too, but I have struggled to really get [...]

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Caught My Eye | Docks

Hello again Hope you have had a wonderful week. It is very chilly here - far colder than I could ever have imagined - so my mind is firmly fixed on wool, and lots of it. I am trundling through my to-do list, which includes making time to work out exactly what to do with my blogging space. In the meantime I wanted to share this beautiful sweater with you that instantly grabbed my attention when I saw it on Ravelry. Docks by Trin Annelie Copyright Trin Annelie The relaxed fit, drop sleeve and delicate [...]

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Caught My Eye | This Thing of Paper

Today I am welcoming back an old friend to the blog - the Caught My Eye series. Although this week is slightly different to the usual Friday blog post of days gone by I am hoping it will reintroduce the sharing space I always enjoyed so much about blogging. As you may have noticed I have struggled to find my blogging feet - I keep thinking I've got them back and then as I stand up I wobble and have to carefully sit back down again. 'Tis the way sometime I think with so many big changes all around me. [...]

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The Travel Trio

The Travel Trio | New Designs and Knit-along Hello, how are you? I hope your June is off to a good start. I am adapting to the chill of the Victorian winter (in all honesty it is far colder than I expected it to be and I may have done a little grumbling in the last few weeks as I pulled on "all the knitwear" to keep warm). The silver lining is I am getting to wear all my lovely hand knits. We are settling in nicely to our new home and I have been meeting lovely knitters which is [...]

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Settling in and making plans

Settling in and making plans Two months ago the little one and I boarded a plane after an inspiring (and unexpected) week in New Zealand and headed ‘home’. A few short hours later we were touching down – in Melbourne – permanent visas granted and everything we had been dreaming of stretched out in front of us. For those of you who have followed this blog for a while you will know this move was a long time (for me at least) in the making. I don't think I have ever waited so long to move anywhere. I’ve moved a [...]

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Welcome to Knit Share Love

Welcome Hello – how are you? Thanks for popping by. It has taken me a little longer than expected to get everything unpacked and ready for guests over here (doesn’t moving always take longer than you thought it would?) … Welcome to my new online home – Knit Share Love … I am so happy you have decided to join me, whether you have come over from my old blog or have only recently discovered me, grab a cuppa and make yourself at home. You might be wondering what all this change is about, and over the next few weeks [...]

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Yaw – an adventure in self stripe | New Pattern

Yaw - an adventure in self stripe Hello there - I hope you are having a wonderful week. I am slowly sorting out the new house, unpacking boxes (it never seems to end) and getting myself back online. I have a few exciting things in the works - more about that very soon. In the meantime I wanted to share my latest release with you - Yaw. Yaw This pattern was in The Knitter last year and I am super excited to be able to release it on Ravelry today. I think it is the perfect combination of easy breezy [...]

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