Welcome to Knit Share Love

Welcome Hello – how are you? Thanks for popping by. It has taken me a little longer than expected to get everything unpacked and ready for guests over here (doesn’t moving always take longer than you thought it would?) … Welcome to my new online home – Knit Share Love … I am so happy you have decided to join me, whether you have come over from my old blog or have only recently discovered me, grab a cuppa and make yourself at home. You might be wondering what all this change is about, and over the next few weeks [...]

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Yaw – an adventure in self stripe | New Pattern

Yaw - an adventure in self stripe Hello there - I hope you are having a wonderful week. I am slowly sorting out the new house, unpacking boxes (it never seems to end) and getting myself back online. I have a few exciting things in the works - more about that very soon. In the meantime I wanted to share my latest release with you - Yaw. Yaw This pattern was in The Knitter last year and I am super excited to be able to release it on Ravelry today. I think it is the perfect combination of easy breezy [...]

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Community During the months of travel and change we have just experienced I was often reminded of the beautiful fibre community I am part of, how it holds us, supports us, nurtures our creativity and inspires us. I have been very lucky this year to visit many new places and meet new knitters, yarn dyers and fibre producers. In the next few months I will be sharing these stories and more as I explore the fibre community here in Australia. Over the years I have found there are so many wonderful ways to meet people through knitting and I am [...]

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New Beginnings

Update from the sunny shores of Victoria | Australia First glimpse of Australia as we came in to land over Sydney's coastal area.... Hello – how are you? It has been terribly quiet around here recently (watches tumbleweed slowly drift past) … I have been a little more chatty over on Instagram, but mostly I have been on the move, or emptying boxes (although on the move sounds far more exciting than emptying boxes). I had planned to be way more chatty over here while we travelled but with all the back and forth I just fell behind [...]

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Start Right | German Twisted Cast On

Start Right | German Twisted Cast On  Last week I started a new series on the blog looking at all the wonderful ways you can start your knitting. These blog posts accompany my new free knitting tutorials showing you lots of lovely hints and tips to elevate your knitting and develop your knitting skills. Today I am looking at one of my all time favourite cast on methods - the German Twisted Cast On. I have also heard this referred to as the Old Norwegian Cast On. I use this cast on the most, it is fantastic for anything where [...]

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Caught My Eye | Sidereal by Katya Frankel

Caught My Eye | A weekly blog post featuring some of my favourite designs from Ravelry Hello there, Hope you have had a wonderful week. Things here are progressing well and we are ending the week on a high note, my lovely husband has secured a new job in Australia so #thebigmove trundles along in the right direction. It has left me with the interesting dilemma of house hunting in a city half way across the world, I must admit it is rather surreal but incredibly exciting all the same. I have a few more weeks of sunny South African adventures [...]

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Start Right | Your Guide to Casting On

Start Right | Your Guide to Casting On | Week One - Alternate Cable Cast On We all like to get off on the right foot when starting a new project … with knitting that usually means getting the right yarn and pattern combo, swatching (yes I know I said that dreadful word) and matching gauge. It is also super important to pick the best cast on method for the job! I am obsessed with cast on methods so I've created a new set of free knitting tutorials showing some of my favourite cast on methods. Over the next few [...]

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Knitting with Children

Knitting with Children | #themakersyear Hi, Hope you have had a wonderful week. I wanted to pop past and tell you about some posts I wrote for Tangled Yarn, a lovley online shop in the UK owned by Rachel Owens. I love her shop, it is filled with a wonderful array of beautiful yarn and notions for your every knitting need. I have been writing posts for Rachel for the last year or so and you will find lots of posts with yarn reviews, hints and tips and pattern picks on her blog. My most recent series was on "Knitting [...]

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Exploring and Adoring Local Yarn

Yarn Love On my recent trip to Prince Albert I picked up some yarn, it wasn’t the locally spun locally dyed yarn of my dreams but I was pretty excited to try it out. The Yarn African Expressions, a local South African brand, is spun in Port Elizabeth (just over 300 km / 200 miles) from where I am staying at the moment. So actually it turns out it is pretty local to me right now. The mill is owned by Samil that has been operating in that area since mid sixties, over the years the business has grown and [...]

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Birthday Sale and New Mini Collection

Introducing Slipt Colour and a little birthday celebration I hope you are having a wonderful week. Today I am celebrating reaching the milestone of 35 ... my aims for today are knitting, squishing yarn and possibly indulging in some scrumptious cake (the perfect set of birthday activities). To celebrate I have two bits of news to share with you. Slipt Colour Yesterday I launched a new mini collection over on Ravelry ... Love variegated yarns? Looking for patterns that showcase the colours as they dance across the skein? Slipt Colour is for you! This mini collection has been designed to [...]

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