Today I am welcoming back an old friend to the blog – the Caught My Eye series. Although this week is slightly different to the usual Friday blog post of days gone by I am hoping it will reintroduce the sharing space I always enjoyed so much about blogging. As you may have noticed I have struggled to find my blogging feet – I keep thinking I’ve got them back and then as I stand up I wobble and have to carefully sit back down again. ‘Tis the way sometime I think with so many big changes all around me.

That said, one of the things I am truly grateful for in this beautiful community is the fantastic array of inspirational folk with strong voices creating and making amazing things. One of the important things to me in creating KnitShareLove was developing a space to share the things that inspire me, the makers that create things that make my heart skip a beat – Caught My Eye is that, pure and simple – a space to share the magical fibre things that fill my heart with creative inspired joy.

This Thing of Paper

This blog post is written as part of the This Thing of Paper blog tour. 

I first met Karie when I was living in Edinburgh. I was fascinated in her approach to design work and love the way she explores a theme in great depth. In the past Karie has released some beautifully thoughtful collections and I have no doubt that This Thing of Paper will be a truly awe inspiring collection of knitwear with the depth and character that can be seen in work like Doggerland.


This Thing of Paper is a knitting book with ten patterns and accompanying essays.

“All the patterns inside This Thing of Paper form parts of a book, both figuratively and literally. They are divided into three distinct stories:

Story 1: Manuscript. The story of handmade manuscripts and the people who worked on making them. This story features one garment and two accessories.

Story 2: Invention. The story of the period in which Johannes Gutenberg transformed book production. This story features one garment and three accessories.

Story 3: Printed. The story of when printed matter became more commonplace and helped spread information across Europe. This story features one garment and two accessories.

The three garments will come in seven sizes, whilst the accessories will come in two or more. All patterns cater to a range of difficulties. Unfamiliar techniques will be explained. All patterns (bar one lace project) will be both charted and written out.

The book will also contain essays, hand-drawn schematics and illustrations.”

Karie says:

“As both a knitter and a bibliophile, I have been yearning to do a project that combines my two loves. Knitting and books share several characteristics and I particularly love the materiality of them both. Yarn flows through my fingers – and some yarns just feel right in my hands which means I keep returning to them. Books give me that feeling too. It simply makes sense that I produce and print a book that is as stunning to hold and look at as the patterns will be to knit and wear.”

Funding the Dream | Kickstarter

Karie has been running a Kickstarter campaign to fund This Thing of Paper and it has done phenomenally well. I always enjoy seeing brilliant projects being propelled forward with the support and passion shown by the fibre community. There is still time to pledge your support for This Thing of Paper, the kickstarter closes on the 22 June. More details can be found here.

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